About the Journal

The Journal of Coating Technology and Innovation is a peer-reviewed, open- access journal publishing cutting-edge research on all aspects of coatings. Journal of Coating Technology and Innovation explores the science and engineering behind both physical and chemical approaches to coatings, encompassing their development, characterization, and functionalities. The journal covers a wide range of coating types, deposition techniques, and applications, from fundamental research to practical advancements in areas like corrosion resistance, energy, and biomedicine. Journal of Coating Technology and Innovation fosters collaboration between researchers, engineers, and industry professionals to push the boundaries of coating technology.

Manuscripts promoting proprietary products or processes for commercial purposes are not considered for publication in Journal of Coating Technology and Innovation. The journal strictly follows a double-blind peer review policy. This is done for an unbiased review process by the reviewer while ensuring a responsible and ethical environment.

Subject: Physics

Frequency of publication: Quarterly

Language: English

Starting year: 2023

Format of publication: Online