Reseapro Journals is committed to maintaining the highest standards of peer-reviewing while ensuring the speed and efficiency of the review process. Upon submission, manuscripts are screened by our editorial staff to check if the submitted article meets the scope, plagiarism and submission requirements of the journal. Manuscripts that do not satisfy the above standards are returned to the authors. Only manuscripts that pass the above screening are forwarded to the Editor-in-Chief for further processing.

The Editor-in-Chief then gets the manuscript peer reviewed by experts with matching research field following our established protocol. Our Editorial Board members offer their expertise and guidance to the Editor-in-Chief in making the final decision, maintaining and upholding our quality standards.

Peer Review for Novel Submissions:

Articles submitted directly to Reseapro journals will undergo a thorough peer-review process by at least two qualified experts in the field, selected by the Editor-in-Chief or a designated member of the Editorial Board. We reserve the right to assign additional reviews as necessary and will inform authors when further reviews are required.

We ask all selected reviewers to declare any potential competing interests they may have. Based on their feedback, the Editor-in-Chief will decide whether to accept, reject, or request revisions for the submitted manuscript. We evaluate submissions based on their novelty and the incremental value they provide, not on priority assessments.

Our commitment to rigorous peer review ensures the quality and impact of the work we publish in Reseapro journals.